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The Ability Level Key

What does it mean?

The Jurassic Coast is full of stunning sea cliffs, that means lots of hills! we've put together a handy guide that shows you what to expect on your tour. 






  • Easy walking for all ages

  • Small distances

  • Well surfaced paths

  • No (or very small) hills

  • May be suitable for people with ability differences.

  • Easy walking for all ages

  • Small distances

  • Less well trodden paths (maybe less accessible)

  • Shallow hills

  • General 'pottering about'

  • Small to medium distances

  • Any paths

  • Shallow to medium hills

  • Medium distances

  • Any paths

  • Medium to steep hills

  • Medium to long distances not always on stable trails

  • May include steep and big hills

  • Walking boots reccomended!

  • Will definately be memorable!

Contact us here if you have any questions about the suitability of our tours.

We can tailor to to all abilities.

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