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What luggage can I bring with me?

As we operate our tour vehicles at maximum capacity, we ask that luggage is limited to one rucksack or small bag per person. Normally we cannot accommodate larger holdalls or airport luggage. In extremis or if you have no other option please get in touch here.

What should I bring?

As this is the UK, there is no guarantee for weather! so please check the weather forecast the night before to dress accordingly for the day. A set of waterproofs and a warm top of some sort would always be recommended. We do stop for lunch so no need to bring a full packed lunch (unless you want to!), instead bring a few snacks and definitely a bottle of water. Other essentials include: A sturdy set of footwear (walking boots or substantial trainers), Cash and a Bankcard. Things you might want to think about that are not essential include: Camera (you'll want to capture the gorgeous and sometimes moody landscape), a cap/hat if it is windy or sunny (or a woolly hat if it's chilly!), a swimsuit & towel if you fancy a dip and lastly some sun-cream.

Do you allow dogs?

Unfortunately not, as we have other members of the public on the same tour who may not be appreciative of your furry companion. If you have a registered service dog please get in touch.

Can you accommodate for limited mobility?

We will try our best to accommodate everybody but our limiting factor is the tour vehicle. If you have any mobility differences, please get in touch with us here to see how we can tailor the tour to suit you.  We can normally accommodate foldable prams and foldable wheelchairs.

Can you pick us up?

Yes! As long as it is relatively local to the tour, a pick-up and drop-off service is included in the price of your tickets. Just input your desired locations on the booking form. Read more about our pickup and drop-off service here.

Do you stop for meals?

Yes! As food lovers and with an abundance of lovely Pubs, restaurants and cafes across the county, we factor in a lunch stop on every tour we run. Unfortunately we do not include the cost of lunch onto the tour. If you have any dietary requirements then please highlight them to us on the booking form or click here to contact us so we can ensure we find the most suitable places to enjoy your meal. Alternatively if the whole tour would like to bring their own lunch we can instead stop at a scenic location (picnic spot) en-route.

Do you sell gift cards?

What time is the pick-up and what time should I expect to be back?

As the pickup locations vary, expect the pickup to be between 0700 and 0830. The tours themselves (from the first location) usually last around 6 or 7 hours, with a drop-off expected between 1630 and 1800. We ask that you remain flexible with pick-up and drop-off services as we may have to do a few in one morning/afternoon. If the requested location is too far we will come up with an easily accessible work-around. If you any questions regarding this service please contact us here.

Read more about pickup and drop-offs here.

What happens if the weather is unsuitable?

Dorset is at it's most beautiful when the wind is howling and when the sea spray blends into the clouds. We like to run our trips in (almost) all weathers so please dress appropriately for the conditions. If we have to cancel anything (most likely any sporting activities) then we will do our best to provide an alternative or a refund.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please read our terms and conditions linked here for our cancellation policy.

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