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Why Dorset?

Welcome to our blog. You may be wondering what is so special about Dorset and why do we think it's worth showing off? We've seen this county at it's best, it's worst, it's sunniest, it's most flooded and at it's moodiest. There is an air about the place that I have only felt in deepest darkest moorland, places that you know are ancient. The steep valleys and striking hills in West Dorset echo forgotten south-american islands when the fog rolls in. The secluded coves along the Purbeck Isle echo with the voices of smugglers in days gone by, and it doesn't stop inland either, Iron age hill-forts, roman infrastructure, magical springs, orchards, breweries, vineyards and chalk carvings. It is always beautiful. Eat an ice-cream in the sun, go and watch the huge waves in the storm. Something for everyone, something for anyone. This is why we want to show it off, not mentioning the World Heritage Site that is the Dorset and Devon coastline. Book one of our tours and we will do our best to show you everything we love about our home.

Our upcoming blog will be talking about everything Dorset. Food, events, music, beer and cider just to name a few. So even if you aren't on holiday or don't fancy a tour, check by every now and again to see what's been going on!


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